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For Finale, Sibelius, Dorico & LilyPond. By Robert Piéchaud.
The Beautiful Music Font
November has been praised for years by musicians, publishers and engravers as one of the finest and most vivid fonts ever designed for music notation softwares.

For use in programs such as Finale, Sibelius, Dorico or LilyPond, November 2 now includes much greater variety of symbols, from usual shapes such as noteheads, clefs and rests to rarer characters like microtonal accidentals, early ornaments and clefs, or special instrument techniques, ranging from the Renaissance to today’s avant-garde music.

Based on the principle that each detail means as much as the whole, crafted with ultimate care, November 2 is a font of unequalled coherence. While in tune with the most recent technologies, its inspiration comes from the art of traditional music engraving.

Whichever period of music you deal with, November 2 will make your score look beautiful and vibrant, as never before.

Read more: Makemusic’s Finale Blog: Robert Piéchaud and November 2.

79,95 €
Single Licence:
86,86 USD | 96,00 CHF
199,95 €
10-Piece Licence:
217,23 USD | 240,00 CHF
399,95 €
25-Piece Licence:
434,51 USD | 480,00 CHF
Over 1.400 Symbols
More Beautiful than Ever
SMuFL compliant
Advanced Compatibility with Finale, Sibelius, Dorico & LilyPond ...
and more Affordable!
November 2 Presentation Notation Examples as PDF 
November 2 Examples (click to enlarge)
Highlights of new November 2.3 version are:
More than a hundred new symbols (in total: +1400)
An optimal compatibility with Dorico
Technical Specifications
Character Map: November 2 owns over 1.400 music characters and is the first commercially-released font to comply with the new standard SMuFL (read more about the Standard Music Font Layout at www.smufl.org).
Font files: beside the new November2 font, the November 2 package also includes legacy November & NovemberExtra fonts. All are wrapped in universal Open Type Format (OTF) with PostScript outlines.
Component files: For a best user experience, November 2 ships with many specific components for Finale, Sibelius. Dorico and LilyPond: libraries, house styles and plug-in, templates, snippets etc.
November 2 is available as boxed version from our online shop or as direct download
(payment with Visa or MasterCard).
November 2 is available as a Single Licence package allowing three computer installations (for individuals), as well as 10-user or 25-user Site Licences (for schools or organizations).
Finale 2012 or superior: full compatibility, for Mac & Windows. Easy conversion from Finale fonts (Maestro, Petrucci, etc.) or from November 1.0.
Older versions of Finale can also be used with November & NovemberExtra.
Dorico: compatibility thanks to native SMuFL design.
Sibelius 6, 7 or superior [please note]: November & NovemberExtra as main fonts, and November2-specific characters can be typed as text. Mac only.
Lilypond 2.9.15 or superior: excellent compatibility thanks to special .ly "snippets”. Mac, Linux & Windows.
Potential use with other music notation programs.
Installers for Mac & Windows, installation script on Linux.
About the Designer
Composer and pianist Robert Piéchaud is an expert in music notation, music font design, and programming.

Robert’s contribution to music technology includes: Human Playback, ScoreMerger, FinaleScript, the Medieval plug-in, the fonts Neuma, November, Broadway Copyist, and Bärenreiter Urtext, and more recently the development of IRCAM’s Modalys (physical model-based sound synthesis) and real time musical instrument active control systems.
Single Licence:
79,95 EUR  |  86,86 USD  |  96,00 CHF
10-Piece Licence:
199,95 EUR  |  217,23 USD  |  240,00 CHF
25-Piece Licence:
399,95 EUR  |  434,51 USD  |  480,00 CHF
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