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The smart and unique solution devoted to early music notation. Version 2
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For Finale. By Robert Piéchaud.
Medieval 2
Welcome to Medieval 2 for Finale, the smart and unique solution devoted to early music notation! Medieval music notation is extraordinarily varied and complex!

Medieval music notation is extraordinarily rich and complex, and Medieval v.1, originally issued in 1999 to great acclaim, was the first solution available to copyists, students, specialists - and simply to early music lovers - for setting medieval music on computers in a professional fashion.

Medieval 2, which has been long awaited, now has a completely new code, look and feel, documentation, and many new features.

Medieval 2 offers the ability to easily produce professional transcriptions of early music, from Gregorian square notation to late medieval mixed notations, with a beautiful rendering and an astonishing attention to details. And of course, Medieval 2 takes advantage of Finale's power for layout, graphic precision, and printing.

Medieval 2 gives you a wide choice of dedicated tools for neumes, liquescences, automatic placing of custos, quilisma, stemmed note groupings, ultra-fine adjustment of neumes and notes, and numerous special symbols: oriscus, rests, plicas, large ligatures, black-void (white) notation, etc.

And Medieval's unique Neume tool, an automatic neume recognition system that is really fun and instructive to use, has been greatly enhanced to over 200 neumes. Medieval 2 is so advanced in term of design and functionalities that, more than a plug-in, it can be considered as a software within a software!

Read these blogs about Medieval 2: www.scoringnotes.com  |  www.finalemusic.com

Try Medieval 2 now!

You can download and try Medieval 2 right away, keeping in mind that running Medieval 2 in demo mode has a few limitations. Of course, all Medieval’s features are unlocked upon purchasing a license.

199,95 €
Single Licence:
213,85 USD | 190,00 CHF
499,95 €
10-Piece Licence::
534,70 USD | 475,00 CHF
999,95 €
25-Piece Licence:
1.069,45 USD | 950,00 CHF
149,95 €
160,37 USD | 143,00 CHF
Plug-in for Finale 2012 and newer
A graphic palette with 10 tools
User interface in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Latin!
Two fine music fonts, Neuma and Neuma Symbol
and much more ...
Read more about Medieval 2:
Contents and requirements
Update Order Medieval 2 Online Help Notation Examples as PDF
Medieval 2 Examples (click to enlarge)
Medieval 2 Content.With Medieval 2, you get ...
A Finale plug-in (installed into the Finale plug-in Folder) consisting of:
  •  A graphic palette with 10 tools
  •  A user interface in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian,
    Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Latin!
  •  A new, specific “Medieval” menu (inside Finale's Plug-ins menu)
2 fine music fonts, Neuma and Neuma Symbol, designed with the greatest care in modern OpenType format
The IM Fell text font families (some stylish fonts designed by Igino Marini)
The Dearest and Rothenburg initials text fonts
New default files and miscellenous other components
Example files such as Guido d'Arezzo, Gregorian, Franconian, Guillaume de Machaut, and more
A rich HTML-based documentation in English* with tutorials
A free, unlimited technical support (by email)
Medieval 2 is available as boxed version from our online shop or as direct download (payment with Visa or MasterCard).
Medieval 2 is available as a Single Licence package allowing three computer installations (for individuals), as well as 10-user or 25-user Site Licences (for schools or organizations), or as update from earlier versions.
Technical Requirements
Medieval 2 for Macintosh OS 10.7 and later (including macOS Catalina 10.15).
Medieval 2 for Windows 7 and later.
Medieval 2 runs with Finale 2012 and later versions (including Finale v26). It is recommended (although not required) to upgrade to Finale v26 for an optimal experience with Medieval 2.
About the Designer
Composer and pianist Robert Piéchaud is an expert in music notation, music font design, and programming.
Robert’s contribution to music technology includes: Human Playback, ScoreMerger, FinaleScript, the Medieval plug-in, the fonts Neuma, November, Broadway Copyist, and Bärenreiter Urtext, and more recently the development of IRCAM’s Modalys (physical model-based sound synthesis) and real time musical instrument active control systems.

Single Licence:
199,95 EUR  |  190,00 CHF  |  213,85 USD
10-Piece Licence:
499,95 EUR  |  475,00 CHF  |  534,70 USD
25-Piece Licence:
999,95 EUR  |  950,00 CHF  |  1.069,45 USD
149,95 EUR  |  143,00 CHF  |  160,37 USD
November 2
Music Font for Finale.
By Robert Piéchaud.
Finale v27
Music Notation Software.
For Windows & Mac.
Finale v26
Praxis für Fortgeschrittene.
Tutorial Books (German).
Finale v26
Einstieg in die Praxis.
Tutorial Books (German).
Deutscher Liederschatz 2.0.
German Song Collection for Finale.
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