The SPLIT Tool

The Split tool splits up an existing neume or group, or reinitializes measures entirely, and you can choose not to reset the noteheads.

Splitting neume

  • Select the neumes with Finale's Selection tool (no accurate selection required)
  • Click on the tool palette


Splitting a group

  • Accurately select the notes you want to ungroup, then click : position and noteheads are now restored to their default state.

If you don't want the noteheads to be reset, press Alt+

Reinitializing some measures

  • Select the measure(s) with Finale's Selection tool ; you don't need to select the entire measure(s) accurately.
  • Click Ctrl +  to reintialize the entire measure(s) (positions and heads)

The Split tool is available either directly from the Tool Palette,  from Medieval menu, or using a keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard shortcut

Once the notes or measure have been selected, press Ctrl + ' ; ' to split or renitialize them (possibly in combination with the Alt key).

NB: On German, Italian or Spanish keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + ' ; '


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