Medieval Templates and Score Examples

Along with the plug-in and the fonts, Medieval installs some useful templates as well as score examples.

These files can be found inside the Medieval 2 folder located in your Finale folder. This is generally here:

(your home folder)/Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale/Medieval 2


There are two templates inside the Medieval 2/Templates folder (they can also be found in Finale's regular Templates folder):

  • GregorianDefault.musx
  • MedievalDefault.musx

These two templates differs slightly by the staff style, the clefs and the neumatic style ; they share a great number of articulations and expressions.


Please take a look at the following score examples which were all set with Medieval 2. They give a wide range of Medieval's capabilities:

  You can find the original Finale files under the Medieval 2/Examples folder.


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