Installation, registration and demo mode


  • Open the  .dmg archive
  • Double click on the .mpkg installation program.

License & Registration

In order to fully take advantage of Medieval 2, please register at to acquire a license from Klemm Music Technology. Once you have received your confirmation email,   and go to the menu:

Plug-ins > Medieval > Register

Then carefully fill the required information (with the info provided in the confirmation email) and press “Register” to confirm. Medieval should notify you that you now have a full access to its functions.

(Sample data!...)

The whole registration process should take less than 10 minutes!

For any registration issue support, don't hesitate to email us at:

Demo mode

If you are running Medieval in demo mode, you will be able to achieve a little bit of work, though, but with serious limitations! With the full version of Medieval 2, you will get:

  • Neume recognition no longer limited to 3 notes
  • Unlimited number of Medieval operations
  • Free, unlimited, email support
  • ...and no more annoying messages showing up!

Getting started after installation

Now that you have installed Medieval 2, we strongly advise you to proceed through the Tutorial's steps!

Where to find the templates and examples

Read the dedicated section Templates and Examples for this.


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