This tool allows you to change noteheads very quickly, in an easier way than Finale “Special Tools".

Through the use of the keyboard modifiers - Alt, Ctrl and Shift - the Notehead tool can actually accomplish three different tasks:

  • Cycling through noteheads
  • Making medieval rests
  • Turning black notation into white, and vice-versa.

Cycling through noteheads

Select some notes (multiple measures is possible).

  • Clicking to chang the heads sequentially.
  • Click Ctrl+ to access the diamond notes range (and then just click later on).
  • Click Alt+ if you want to return to the “standard” range.
  • Click Shift+ to go backwards in the cycle

Making medieval rests

  • Enter normal notes (puncta) and select them one by one with Finale's Selection tool
  • Click Ctrl+Alt+ once to switch to the rest mode
  • Click again (without Ctrl+Alt) and cycle until you find the desired medieval rest.

Toggling between black and white notation

This option is extremely convenient for late medieval/pre-Renaissance music.

  • Select the notes with the Selection tool.
  • Press Alt+Shift+


If you press Alt+Shift+ once more, the notes will turn black again!

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