The NEUME Tool

The Neume Tool is Medieval’s most idiosyncratic and useful tool. A unique tool amongst digital music notation systems, it shapes neumes - graphic contractions of short melodic fragments attached to a syllable - through a unique algorithm which analyzes the melody and the musical context.

  • Select the desired notes with Finale's Selection tool
  • Click - possibly in combination with Shift, W ("Windows" key) or Alt keys for variants.

Exemple (porrectus flexus):                


And if the Display neume's name upon creation option is on (which is the case by default), you should get a gentle notification :

The Neume tool recognizes more than 200 fundamental neumes, up to 9 notes, and, using modifiers - the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys - you have access to lots of variants, from the Gregorian music up to the late 14th cent. mannerisms.

The Neume tool is available from the Tool Palette, from Medieval's menu, or through a keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard shortcut

Once you have selected the desired notes, press Ctrl + J to create the neume (possibly in combination with W, Shift and Alt keys for variants, take a close look at the Fundamental Neume Table). The Neume tool's keyboard shortcuts are probably the ones you will use most.

Learn more

  • To see the Neume tool in action, take a close look at the dedicated tutorial section.
  • See the Fundamental Neume Table for the comprehensive table of recognized neumes.


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