The GROUP Tool

The Group tool gives the ability to join notes or neumes side by side. It is very useful in Gregorian music and in medieval music in general.

Below are  three main situations where you should use the Group tool:

Simple Grouping

  • Select some notes (puncta) within a measure.
  • Click  to join them together:


Stem Grouping

Select the notes and press Ctrl + to group them into a combination of puncta and stems:


Grouping existing neumes

The Group tool is also very handy to gather existing neumes:

  • Select the neumes you want to group.
  • Click the Group tool, and they are now being placed side by side at once, with a small interneume space:


  • To avoid the interneume space, press Ctrl + simutaneously:


Of course, you could accomplish these groupings with the Nudge tool manually, but that is very time consuming!


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