Thank you to...

  • ...The Klemm Music Technology team: Christian, Stefan, Jörg and Martin and the others,
  • ...MakeMusic Inc., the makers of Finale,
  • ...Aliocha Piéchaud for the latin translation and to Hélène Touzet for the Italian one,
  • ...Rui Araújo for the Portuguese translation,
  • ...Daniel Firlej for the Polish translation,
  • ...Igino Marini for the inclusion of the IM Fell alphabetic fonts,
  • ...Alex Winterbottom for the Rothenburg Decorative initials font,
  • ...The anonymous font designer of the Dearest initials font,
  • ...Bernard Lorber for his help on beta testing and for the latin translation,
  • ...The MidiMusic team.


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