MOTU MX4 – Sound-Beispiele (1/2)

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These examples use a single instance of MX4 with built-in MX4 effects. No layering or additional effects were used.
Leash Sync
An example of the pattern sequencer controlling oscillator over-tones via modulating the frequency of the synced slave oscillator
Final Modifications
A combination of the arpeggiator and pattern gate create a texture from a simple held chord
Jacob's Ladder
The pattern sequencer modulates multiple parameters to produce an undulating texture
Hello, MX4
An example of MX4's synced-oscillator capabilities
This example is not sequenced, just an octave held down with the LFOs generating the rhythm
60 Second Evolution
Showcases MX4's long DADSHR envelopes
Wavetable LFO
An example of a band pass and high pass filter in parallel with LFO modulation of the wavetables
Gore Sequence
Two synced sample-and-hold LFOs modulate wavetable index and wavetable symmetry
Lead Example
Virtual analog lead example
MX4's flexibility does not prevent it from generating standard subtractive synthesis sounds
Wavetable Example
Sequenced notes highlight timberal changes that occur when pitch is used to modulate wavetable index
Robot Work Song
An example of the complexity that can be achieved with MX4's modulation architecture