MOTU Electric Keys – 12 Soundbänke

The B - Electric Organ

Another all-time classic that stands in a category all its own...
Classic B with or without Leslie. The Classic B combined with a Leslie cabinet is certainly one of the most well-known and widely recognized electric keyboard sounds. Originally designed for churches as an alternative to pipe organs, this legendary organ gradually became a standard in jazz, blues, rock and gospel music. Electric Keys provides a large selection of:

Drawbar settings
Mic, amp and DI configurations
Normal and "Fast" presets (Leslie with/without mod wheel)
Release samples and many more...

Used by these artists:

Jimmy Smith
Rick Wakeman (Yes)
Rick Wright (Pink Floyd)
Tony Banks (Genesis)
Ray Manzarek (The Doors) and many more...
 The B - 000788080-Soft:
The B - 544500000:

The B - Amp Plexi:

The B - DI 540202113:
The B - Full U87:
The B - Mono:
The B - Soft 828868447 Fast:
The B - Soft + Pedal:
The B - Vib:

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