MOTU Electric Keys – 12 Soundbänke

String Machines Teil I (siehe auch String Machines II)

These instruments from the 1970's represent some of the first attempts to product string sounds from a keyboard instrument.

Cheap Strings and Cheeezy Strings

The names — and sound — of these presets are true to the instruments used to create them. They are representative of the type of sound produced by this class of keyboards.

Classic Strings Machine

Six presets are provided for this famous strings machine instrument. Electric Keys provides full polyphony and built-in chorus. Used by these artists:

Herbie Hancock
Elton John
The Cure
The Buggles
Pink floyd
Jean-Michel Jarre and many more...
Classic Str Machine - Full On:
Classic Str Machine - Violin:

Cruma Strings

This Italian analog strings and bass machine, fully polyphonic, had two oscillators with 8’ and 16’ settings and a strong LFO. Used by:

Duran Duran and many more...

Italian Strings

This instrument represents a milestone in Italian string ensembles with four presets. Used by these artists:

Jean-Michel Jarre
Tangerine Dream
And many more...

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