MOTU Electric Keys – 12 Soundbänke

Rare & Bonus Keyboards

These keyboards used to be hard to get your hands on, but no more...

Cheap Digital Keyboard

This keyboard was the first to provide FM sounds at an affordable price.

Cheap Digital Harpsichord:

Lambda keys

This instrument provides a polyphonic ensemble with a percussive section, and three oscillators per voice.

Lambda Custom:

These two FM synthesizers are similar in operation but different in appearance: the first looks like a baby grand piano and the second looks like a classic electric keyboard. Both models provided powerful features like multi-operator generators and digital to analog converters. Small magnetic sticks inserted in a reader were used for preset loading.

GS Sounds (medley):

Keyboard Computer

This instrument, the first digitized portable keyboard, had a transposer function from a fifth up to a seventh down, twenty-nine native presets and a card reader to load a variety of other programs.

KC Bell:

Log Piano & Strings

This is a typical “cheesy” keyboard with 4 presets, several possible combinations, and polyphony.

Log Piano:


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