MOTU Electric Keys – 12 Soundbänke

Electro -mechanical Keyboards

These four keyboard models spanned the decade of the 1960's and helped shape the sound of classic rock keys...


This keyboard operated almost like a harpsichord, using small rubber plectra to pluck small steel blades. It featured a vibrato and a few filters named after instrument names (metallophone, xylophone, music box, etc.).


The blades in this reed instrument are constructed to allow chords. There is also a lever to activate the plectrum mechanism.


This German electric piano, initially developed for educational purposes, operated quite similarly to the Classic Electric Piano, along with vibrating reeds.

Led Zeppelin
And many more...

Planet M

The sound of this keyboard came from metal reeds plucked by foam pads. The vibration was then transmitted via electrostatic pickups to an amplifier. Used by these artists:

The Zombies
The Kingsmen
The Beatles
And many more...


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