MOTU Electric Keys – 12 Soundbänke

Classic Electric Organs (Part 1)

Electric Keys provides seven classic electric organ models ranging from the early 1960's to the late 1970's.

1960 (Tube) Electric Organ

This early Dutch electric organ had two designs: tubes and transistors. Instead of the drawbars you often find in organs, this instrument had five switches to produce harmonics, along with seventeen pre-programmed chords. It also has vibrato and a spring reverb.

1960 - 8+2 Vib
1960 - 8+4+2 Vib Rev


Lighter than its big brother, the great B – Electric Organ, this model shares similar construction (same vibrato, perc, starter and motor). Instead of drawbars, it features flip tabs to access presets. Used by:

Pink Floyd
Jean Michel Jarre
And many more...


Japanese Electric Organ

In a clear attempt to emulate the Hammond, this model was developed by a popular Japanese instrument manufacturer and worked with drawbars along with three presets. It included a two-band equalizer, drive, and Leslie. A noticeable key-click effect completes the unique personality of this keyboard.

See Electric Organs Part 2 for more electric organ presets.

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